Do you want to organise a fantastic digital event? Make your virtual event accessible online and create added value for all visitors through Virtual Fair’s virtual exhibition platform. 

It brings both visitors and exhibitors together in a unique way, whenever you want, wherever you want, and from any device.

Thanks to our virtual event software, you can exceed your position as an exhibition organiser. This is how you bring supply and demand together. 


Participants and exhibitors of your digital event can attend or organise virtual meetings, virtual seminars and online break-out sessions. You can also apply for jobs, post vacancies, make appointments, make new contacts and look for information without having to leave home.

Meanwhile, as an organiser, you save time and costs and generate income in an innovative way. A virtual event can perfectly support a physical event, but it can also perfectly be organised separately.


Together with you, we discuss the content of your virtual event and determine the design of the digital platform. We test this platform thoroughly before opening it up.

We offer kick-off sessions and training for your exhibitors through both physical and online meetings, webinars and instructional videos. We then provide the necessary follow-up and support when your exhibitors set up their virtual stands and use the platform.

During your virtual event, we are always available for additional information and support.


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A virtual event is all well and good, but what are the possibilities? We give you a clear overview of our standard functionalities.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Virtual Fair is always open for innovation!

Catchy movies

Often organisations wish to use a “teaser movie” to be used during the communication prior to the virtual event.

A teaser is a short fragment that should trigger either to become an exhibitor at a fair or to come and have a look as a visitor (to register). A teaser therefore has a promotional purpose and should invite the exhibitor / sponsor / visitor in a few seconds to want to see more.

Often, the teaser consists of a compilation with the highlights of the production. In the context of the virtual events that we host with Fairtual, this often involves a short film showing the outdoor environment and the reception. As this teaser (or trailer) is often used some time before the start of the event and usually not all the visuals for the sponsors are available yet, we recommend to only work with the logo of the organisation and/or the logo of the event.

If you would like to include logos of partners or other images that represent the content of your event, this is of course also possible.

Based on the pavilion you have chosen (there are several possibilities), you will need to provide pictures for the outdoor environment.

Based on the pavilion you have chosen (there are several possibilities), you will need to provide pictures for the outdoor area and the reception area.

On the technical specifications (see below) you will find the places for which you need to deliver these images. Once the images are in place, Fairtual creates a “Final Movie” that is used as a landing page for the event. This Final Movie thus replaces the Teaser Movie once all images have been delivered and no more changes need to be made.

An Introduction Movie welcomes the visitors who are logged in.

Usually, the speaker is recorded in green key and this is then provided with a virtual background. Usually, the speaker is recorded in green key and this is then provided with a virtual background.

The Introduction Movie is usually shown immediately after login and behind the play button in the reception area.

Ontelbare call-to-action knoppen

Call to actions buttons, the name says it all: they trigger an action.

For example, the chat button at the bottom is a call to action button. But there are several, especially on the stands. They are indicated by an icon in a circle and lead to a certain action.

Some examples:

  • Chat (chatting with visitors)
  • Video chat (video chatting with visitors)
  • Quotation request (pre-formatted with the following fields: name, first name, telephone number, e-mail address and message field or customised)
  • Contact form (pre-formatted with the following fields: name, first name, telephone number, e-mail address and message field or customised).
  • Downloads (Pdf) (number: unlimited, max. size / PDF: 8MB)
  • Info (Text | links | videos | social media)
  • CV upload (pre-formatted with the following fields: name, first name, phone number, e-mail address and possibility to upload or customise CV)
  • Job offers (job title – job description, job requirements, offer and response link (link to exhibitor’s external page or link to e-mail address))
  • Meeting planner (pictures of your contacts and their job titles – time slots per person to plan 1 on 1 video calls)
  • Order app (State of the Art order application tailored to your business)
  • Videos (link(s) to Youtube and/or Vimeo and an image (to replace black image) behind the play button
  • New products (photos of new products and accompanying texts)
  • Etc.

Exhibitor meeting module

This module allows you to let visitors schedule an appointment with an exhibitor. The big difference with the other meeting module is:

  • that there is also a possibility of scheduling a physical meeting and
  • that there is no agenda for either side.

Adding 3D Objects

It is possible to add 3D objects. It is possible to add 3D objects.

The 3D object can be rotated, it can be zoomed in on, and it can be…

The 3D files must be delivered in the correct file types. In theory, we need to receive .fbx files, fully textured, with the textures separated in a folder. Please note that we can only give a full ‘go’ after receiving the files.

Virtual reality

Our platforms can be discovered in Virtual Reality through VR glasses. As a visitor, you really imagine yourself in the environments. A real experience.

Interactive floor plans

There is a Map of Stands for each exhibition floor or hall. The Map of Stands is the interactive floor plan of the exhibition space. The positions are listed on it.

You can choose between a standard floor plan, a floor plan with segmentation (e.g. per region, sector, etc.), extra search fields, etc.

Customisable navigation buttons

The navigation buttons should guide visitors smoothly and intuitively through the virtual event.

Let me first point out that communication before and during the event is part of the success of your event!

Providing visitors with a short manual in advance can work wonders. A lot depends on the age of your visitors (not always!) and the extent and frequency with which they use a PC.

The navigation buttons are the buttons with text that lead visitors to “somewhere else”.

Meeting planner

Would you like visitors to be able to meet one-on-one via video call with exhibitors or other stakeholders such as speakers, the organisation, experts in a particular field or suchlike? Then we would like to introduce you to our Meeting Planner.

The Meeting Planner is a highly efficient tool for bringing people together live and can be used in three ways – either separately or not:

  • Visitors who have registered for the event will be given the opportunity to schedule a meeting with exhibitors or other stakeholders such as speakers, the organisation, experts in a particular field or suchlike before and during the event (described below under “A”);
  • Visitors can schedule a meeting with an exhibitor’s agent at a stand during the event (described below under “B”).
  • Visitors who have registered for the event will have the opportunity to register for one or more seminars both before and during the event.

The advantage?

For you as organiser

  • You can keep track of the success of your event, as you can constantly monitor how many meetings have been scheduled, how many people attend the seminars, etc.

For exhibitors and other stakeholders

  • Exhibitors do not have to constantly sit behind the PC to answer reactions or requests from exhibitors. Their agenda is fixed and they can indicate in advance when they are available. If they designate several “agents”, they can book several meetings or allocate timeslots.

For you as a visitor

  • Visitors can prepare their agenda without having to “queue” to speak to an exhibitor, speaker or anyone else. Availability is guaranteed.

Green key character(s) on stand

Animo is an important aspect of a visitor’s experience at a virtual event.

Although Fairtual can provide the visitors with background noise (murmur of people for example), it is an added value to have green key characters at the stand or elsewhere (at the reception or in the outdoor area for example).

In this way, someone can “address” the visitor as soon as they enter that room.


Gamification is a fun way to interact with your visitors.

There are numerous possibilities that can be developed or that already exist. Just think of a Wheel of Fortune where visitors have to turn the wheel under certain conditions to win a prize, of a search for hidden objects in the stands or in the conference rooms, of a game where you have to solve riddles.

You can’t think of anything else.

Augmented reality

Adding Augmented Reality to your event is the top!

In concrete terms, Augmented Reality means adding virtual elements to images in a realistic way. So you have added something to reality to give you more information.

Webinars & conferences

Organising webinars and/or conferences is indispensable in the world of virtual events.

In addition to good content and an attractive agenda, good technical support is of paramount importance.

The simplest and cheapest solution is “Video On Demand”.

With “Video On Demand”, videos are played in a conference room when a play button is clicked.

LiveWebinar is a cloud-based solution with smart features for screen sharing, live video streaming and recording, plus custom branding, social media broadcasting and audience engagement analytics.

This solution can be incorporated into the Fairtual platform.

If you want to go one step further, you can choose to cooperate with Fairtual’s Preferred Partner: DB Video from Aartselaar.

What they do together with their team of more than 40 professionals can be found on their website:

How does Fairtual cooperate with DB?

Fairtual and DB have proved to be a successful tandem on many occasions.

In most cases DB Video takes over the entire webinar and streaming part and via an I-Frame both solutions are seamlessly integrated with each other.

It is also best to contact DB for the Green Key recordings. DB has spacious green key studios, webinar studios (with or without LED walls), editing and voice studios and so on. In addition, she has years of expertise in the field of capturing and (live) television broadcasts at home and abroad. Their state of the art capture vehicles offer the optimum space and comfort to your crew and will take on any HD, HDR or 4K/UHD challenge.

Want to talk about your next project?

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