Virtual (job) fairs have numerous advantages, both for the exhibitor and the visitors. We list a few of them.

  • Exhibition organisers can use a virtual (job) fair to attract a larger audience because the audience is no longer tied to time and location. Virtual (job) fairs are therefore also organised over a longer period (usually 2 to 4 weeks). In addition, exhibitors are not restricted by a lack of space. Sometimes exhibitors at physical events have to be refused due to lack of space. This is not the case with a virtual (job) fair. There are no boundaries.
  • For exhibitors, participation in a virtual (job) fair is not only cheaper, but also a lot more efficient due to the better tracking mechanisms offered by a virtual (job) fair. In addition, the possibilities for (employer) branding are inexhaustible and interaction with visitors is guaranteed.
  • Visitors, on the other hand, experience the visit to a virtual (job) fair as pleasant. They do not have to move around. A virtual (job) fair can be visited whenever they want, from any device (desktop, tablet, smartphone) and from wherever they want to go (at home, in the garden, on the road...). Moreover, they remain completely anonymous for as long as they want, which is an important asset for working jobseekers.

Very quickly! And by very fast we mean much faster than setting up a physical exhibition.

Count on about 6 weeks to set up a virtual (job) fair. But it can be done even faster (if it really has to be done).

To a very considerable extent.

Would you like the landing page to be a video image of the physical location where your physical (work) exhibition takes place or would take place? Then that is possible! Our drone experts can take aerial footage and use it as a landing page.

On the other hand, if you want to use one of our pavilions in 3D, you can have billboards and even (moving) flags with your logo (or the logos of your sponsors) placed on the outside.

The pavilions can also be further personalised.

Finally, your exhibitors can choose from one of our many virtual stands and hosts/hostesses. They can choose their own virtual stand or have us design it (entirely in their house style).

The possibilities are inexhaustible. If you can dream it, we can make it!

That can go very far.

In any case we will build your virtual (job) fair.

You decide on the visuals and how many pavilions and stands to create.

Do you want the exhibitors to decorate and fill their stands themselves (via an intuitive CMS) or do you want us to do it? Your choice! We can even provide online training for the exhibitors.

We can help you with the privacy part by writing your processing agreement, drafting your privacy statement, etc... If you as an organization have not yet done anything regarding GDPR, our privacy experts can take away your concerns.

In addition, our employees are experienced in promoting virtual (job) fairs, so we can also support you in this area. Setting up social media and Google Ads campaigns, it's our job...

If you want an exhibitor sales site (where exhibitors can register for your virtual (job) fair, with or without online payments), we can design it and put it online.

Would you like a promotional video to announce your event (to exhibitors and/or visitors)? Then we would be happy to make one.

Whatever you want, we have it. Fairtual can support you in just about anything.

That depends on a few factors.

We are happy to make you an offer that meets your wishes and expectations.

Feel free to contact us on +32 491 63.06.67 or send us an e-mail to info@virtualfair.be.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Feel free to contact us on +32 491 63.06.67, by email at info@virtualfair.be or by filling in our contact form. We will be happy to help you.